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Background of Origin

The process of Globalization, liberalization of economy and privatization in India was started in 1990. Soon it started showing its affect in the economic, social, political, and cultural arena of the society. In Uttarakhand the process of globalization and the associated restructuring process of the various social and political structures started during the early years of globalization process. In social development sector the restructuring and process of privatization was seen with the entry of various social development projects like Joint forest Management, Diversified Agriculture Support Program, U.P. land reclamation project, Swajal program, Uttaranchal Health system restructuring program etc promoted by world bank and UNDP were launched at a very large scale.

There was a lot of involvement of the civil society organizations in these programs. There had been times when it was difficult to find CSOs who were not involved in the Swajal or JFM program. Over a period of time it was felt that all these programs were ill conceived and failed to meet its objectives. On the other hand these programs created a situation where the CSOs got involved in the tender filing system of the social development program and were only in the role of providing services which was difficult to sustain the program in the long run. The present status of the various activities amply justifies our understanding.

This had also led government to gradually withdraw from its welfare role. The process of liberalization of economy had definitely led to growth in the economy. A new kind of urban middle class emerged out of the process, whose aspiration and hope were way ahead of the masses. The process led to an increasing rate of disparity in the society. The situation of tribal, dalits, the landless, the unemployed, women and children got worsened  .All these changes in the micro and macro socio-political scenario were definitely affecting the friends and well wishers of AMAN. We continuously studies and analyzed the situation and reached to a conclusion that there is a need to work on the impacts of the globalization process in social development and communities . One thing was clear in our mind that there is a need to organize the community and build alliances of various likeminded group to collectively work towards mass education, awareness on impact of the Neo-liberal economic systems. This can be achieved by right based approach to development and building perspectives of activists, groups and masses in a way, which can make sure conservation of resources at one level and provide livelihoods security, ensuring equity and social justice for masses.